The Earth and The Sea and The Stars

by Un:ted States

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released February 25, 2017

All songs by Ariel Anderson and/or Jason Leo, both of whom are also responsible for all guitars and vocals, and for the cover art. Loren Breen plays bass guitar on all tracks, Eyal Ron plays drums on all tracks. Samantha Bounkeua plays violin on "Roswell" and "Equinox Shadow." Robert Anthony Villa plays violin on "Roswell." All tracks were recorded and mixed at Midtown Island Studios with Matt Rendon, and mastered by Patrick Haight.



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Un:ted States Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Homeland Insecurity
when you talk to me I don't know how to respond it echoes on and on and on it echoes through me and i recoil my heart beats hard my head is in turmoil

my heart beats hard and my eyes burn i don't know which direction to turn cross my heart and hope to die if i can't find your love

with my back turned towards you no longer am i yours than will i crawl to you on all fours i can no longer ignore you nor can i make things right and i have lost the strength to fight

and i have lost the strength to speak my voice is shaking my knees are weak cross my eyes and hope to go blind if i can't find your love

i don't know how to enunciate all it is i want to articulate about the incredible fortress of aloneness in the inhabitable forest of our dream homes everything we ever wanted in a vast incomprehensible maze where the years go so much faster than the days come to find the measurements were way off and by design the treasure hunt was already lost come to find our homes were haunted everything we never wanted these days don't feel so sure what that even means anymore like selling our bodies short for an expiring life support

but i won't find your love if i can't find my love
Track Name: Roswell
in the heat in the dark in a series of movements inspired by visions of dead people playing guitars and decaying in sudden convulsions our souls were emotions strapped like bridges to surfaces searching for purpose perfection or purpose within an impermanent place
we traveled on your windowsill rain trickles down falling above i know we can’t carry on tonight

underwater up against one another at the edge of the future such beautiful creatures it should have been obvious but we had been oblivious to lessons from those we believed were inferior to us in fear of intuitive music the movements the melodies endlessly drew us through every impermanent place
Track Name: Western Anthem
i have seen stranger lands held a lot of stranger’s hands my eyes were crossed when I stared into the sun and she handed me her golden gun she handed me her golden gun she handed me her golden gun

these strange nights lost on your planet my head’s on straight but I can’t find you don’t follow me I don’t know where I’m going now the now the suns have set ooooh baby oooooh baby where were you when I was lost on this strange land?

we’ve been lost so long now and we don’t know our way home alone and restlessly we wander where we find ourselves with little to remind us what we’ve known

golden light too bright to behold poured out of the entrance to a city made of gold how indiscriminately she spilled across the land singing this is who I am and she handed me her golden hand she handed me her golden hand and she handed me her golden hand

these strange nights lost on your planet my head’s on straight but I can’t find you don’t follow me I don’t know where I’m going now the now the suns have set ooooh baby oooooh baby where were you when I was lost on this strange land?
Track Name: Synecdoche
the purpose of the heart is love and so we live in part to give love openly and hopefully we will become more like the sun give evenly each direction and to accept everyone and everything and then to bring an inner light to burning brightly like a shooting star

love is alive in our hearts we arrive and depart and divided apart we survive from the start

some secrets hide inside of animals tended to by a melodic spirit silence understandable only through a true harmonic

we wanted to believe in something some destination of divine coordination synecdoche

inside a seed the tiny pulse begins to tremble and convulse awakening the making of some form of life to join the swarm and braid of every living form the twisting tendrils of each note extend bend float up into the atmosphere

the earth and the sea and the stars are in me yes they are in the heat and the dark just to be what we are

asleep and dreaming about warm inviting chambers full of light golden and gleaming bending forming brightly bridges into life

eventually we all die seasons pass and loved ones cry each generation an ongoing conversation we are interdependent beings common descendants of the same origin also the same destination we wanted to feel real reverie in the fourth dimension to bring forth our hearts intentions synecdoche synecdoche
Track Name: Filibuster
on a bridge in between alternating premises amidst the languages of disappointment parallaxes missed appointments anaphylaxis on the stage will we repeat what we're expected to say as the predictably uncreative entertain us simultaneously constrain us

much too self absorbed and self important to survive this armageddon of incredible malign as nature nomenclature makes a dangerous embankment of displacement still mistaken for insight inviting us into a wilderness within mysterious delirious experience

i'm watching the design unfold along the edges of the sky and my mind many millions of times melting into silver outlined silhouettes on fire spin into a gyre anticipate the exorcism of sexual narcissism laid out across the blankets i'm trying not to take this the wrong way

as the silence breaks the conversation evolution or creation takes a turn towards the absurd as contrasting perspectives bend our senses to the nexus of inflection or dissection of the words between fact and abstraction in involuntary spasms span the chasms free the captive capsized captain is anyone alive is anyone alive it should be no surprise having the time of our lives

oh no i don't know why i can't combat this lie i'm going to get so unkind everybody's gonna find out i'm not so nice that's what it means when we act like we're machines all dressed up in a nice dream screaming out for our lives that slippery slope of silver takes twice as long and slithers just like a snake around each decimal place and with no reciprocation there's no innovation no extrapolation there's nothing unusual here and nothing is beautiful either there's no interior and nothing is spiritual no insight no empathy no life an no death
Track Name: Georgia
doesn’t anybody know about georgia? oh girl i need you now fall down to my knees oh girl i know where you’ve gone to in a love induced dysphoria oh girl where have you been she’s got just what i need georgia’s gonna be my girl

sitting on a porch at the edge of the bayou it’s been 6 long years since i said goodbye to you i will wait as seasons age just to find you my girl

i'll take another sip of something soothing set adrift on reminiscences of sadness and lovesickness mixed with bliss i’ll take another sip for you georgia i’ll take another sip for you georgia

oh dear these nights are long i can’t sleep but i keep on trying lonesome roads in every way all night long and i can’t stop crying clearer now the writing on the walls wanna tell you the truth but i can’t help lying georgia aint gonna be my girl all i want is to live but i can’t stop dying

it’s been 10 years since i last saw you i know these trite words aint gonna change you i’ll wait on the wrong side of the tracks for my georgia

i’ll sit and drink and smoke look out the window tap my toes and feel a little buoyant floating up and over orange groves i’ll take another sip for you georgia
Track Name: Silent Spring
It’s too damn hard It’s too damn hard but I regress but I regress

you I find walking down rustic roads they’re underground an old man stands at the fork, I ask him why he says to me he says oh my love it flies

still I find I can’t follow you down these roads unknown you ask me why I say to you oh my love I can’t let you go oh my love it dies

your love weighs me down take this rope off the steel anchor
Track Name: Equinox Shadow
i don’t ever want to dance again under shadows of the pale blue sky desert storms again as i wait for your return

i love you i wish i wasn’t going to be destroyed by something nullifying vacant and devoid of anything resembling what we’ve enjoyed all our lives finalized in blinding light

i don’t ever want to dance again under shadows of the pale blue sky desert storms again as i wait for your return

how will i know you once we’re physically expired like some loose particles in subatomic fires but are we any closer to the truth of our desires spiraling to aspire